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AnotherLevelShop (Premium)


AnotherLevelShop is a modern plugin for creating and adding shops to your server quickly and easily through a GUI. It also includes a checker that automatically finds any issues such as a sellPrice greater than the BuyPrice or some items not set up to ensure that these problems do not occur on your server!

Differences between the premium version and the free version:

  1. Shop Limit: The free version only allows you to create five shops, while the premium version allows you to create unlimited shops.
  2. Support: With the premium version, you receive support for plugin configuration on Discord. This means you can get assistance and guidance in setting up the plugin effectively.
  3. Early Access: By purchasing the premium version, you are granted the Buyer role, which gives you exclusive access to early versions of the plugin. This allows you to try out new features and updates before they are available to others.

Feature list:
  1. Intuitive ConfigGUI: Seamlessly create and edit Shops with an easy-to-navigate configuration interface.
  2. Automated Shop Checker: Effortlessly identify issues, such as a sellPrice exceeding the BuyPrice, to ensure balanced transactions.
  3. Shop-specific Permissions: Tailor access and actions within each shop by assigning unique permissions.
  4. Fully Customizable Messaging: Adapt all in-game messages via the editable messages.yml file to enhance user experience.
  5. Advanced Color & Gradient Support: Enrich your messages with Hexcolors and Gradients, courtesy of Minimessage integration.
  6. Message Integrity Checker: Receive notifications upon reloading the messages.yml file if any crucial sentences are omitted, allowing for prompt rectification.
  7. Customizable Aliases: Define your own slash commands to simplify interactions (Exclusive to Paper).
  8. Comprehensive Platform Support: Designed to function impeccably on both Spigot and Paper.
  9. Console Command Execution: Administer your plugin effortlessly from the console, enhancing manageability.
  10. Big Server Optimization: Engineered for superior performance, even on large-scale servers, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.
  11. Update Checker: Stay updated with the latest plugin versions through an automatic update checker, ensuring optimal performance and access to new features.


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