Lib's Disguises [Premium]

FREE Lib's Disguises [Premium] 10.0.42

Lib's Disguises [Premium]
If you want to support the author, please purchase Lib's Disguises here.
If you have permission errors, try downloading here.

Open the .jar and remove the notes or notes.txt file inside. Then you can use the file without my name on it. But don't repost it, please.

This is a automatically compiled version of Lib's Disguises, which I will check for more updates in the GitHub repository. All the builds will be tested and if it don't work, please contact me.

10.033 - 1.19.4 Support

Latest updates

  1. Release 10.0.42

    Trying to get this out as fast as possible, check SpigotMC for more details Plugin Download...
  2. Release 10.0.41 for 1.20.4

    Plugin Download [Premium - With Signature] Plugin Download [Premium - No Signatures]...
  3. 10.0.40

    Been a while since I've compiled it

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