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Native Minecraft Version: 1.19
Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.14 / 1.15 / 1.16 / 1.17 / 1.18 / 1.19
Contributors: Indyuce, ASangarin, Joshinn, Ricardormdev, Ashijin

From the creator of MMOItems and BountyHunters we bring to you a whole new RPG solution! Replacing outdated and popular plugins, we aim to provide people the same customization and features their old favorite plugins used to offer. In development for over 6 months, and bug tested like crazy, we hope to provide the best experience possible!

MMOCore is a complex RPG solution thus we recommend you to have a
look at the GitHub wiki to see what this plugin is capable of!

Source Code | Issue Tracker | Documentation | Metrics | Trello


Make sure you download MythicLib first.
MMOCore is best ran using MMOItems!​

Player Classes
The popular and loved feature is back in a new and updated plugin! Now you can create ANY player classes you want, evolve into other classes, and have as many as you want! No limitations! We offer an extremely simple to understand config, and beautiful display in game. Classes hook into our other compatible plugins for level and class restrictions, as well as extra stats!


Player Leveling
What RPG plugin is complete with player leveling? Not only do we offer a main player level, we have stored EXP levels for every single profession! ALSO, instead of using complicated and limiting level formulas we have a new and improved system where you can simply input how much EXP each class should take! No more complicated math or curves involved.

Player Attributes
Like the system of Strength, Wisdom, and Charisma that you have probably heard of, MMOCore implements an attributes system where you can create your own attributes with any names and stat buffs you want! But you are not limited to a static amount, as you can use ATTRIBUTE POINTS and REALLOCATION POINTS to change your stats based on your class and level! Each class can have different stat boosts, and same with the attributes. As like every other GUI in MMOCore, this GUI is fully customizable.

Custom Currency System
Available to use or disable, we offer an RPG-like custom currency setup that introduces banks, withdraws, deposits, bank notes and coins! This system hooks into Vault so you can use the money virtually as well!
You can even add gold pouches to MythicMobs which contain a configurable random amount of coins and notes!

Player Skills/Abilities
We know how much people loved the skill customization in SkillAPI and other class plugins. So we decided to do it even better. Now you can use our built in complex skills, and/or create your own skills using MythicMobs format! You can create fireball barrages with a few words! MythicMobs integration allows for EVEN MORE CUSTOMIZATION than SkillAPI or other related plugins. On top of all of this, all of the skills you make can level and tier up with skill points!
Utilizing a never before seen casting system, you are sure to impress your players. Begin by hitting the offhand keybind [F] then you can cast any of the spells you have bound to your numbers 1-6! This system requires no items in your hand, and only uses the skills you have bound from /skills. You can limit skills and classes as well!
- Many more awesome skills coming soon!

Mana System
Built into the core, we have a simple mana system that hooks into MMOItems for mana costs as well. Can be used for spells, and other things.

Damage Mitigation and critical strikes
MMOCore is equipped with various RPG like fighting mecanics including critical strikes for both weapons and skills, as well as damage mitigation. There are three different types of damage mitigation: blocking which reduces damage taken, dodging which negates the attack damage while making the player dash backwards, and parrying which negates the attack damage and deals knockback to the attacker.

Stellium *NEW*
A completely new idea from the minds of the developers, we introduce waypoints! An RPG-esque solution to fast travel. Using any configurable points in your world, you can setup fast travel networks where the player first must travel to in order to unlock! These waypoints can be as big as you build them, or as small as a hidden door! The possibilites are endless. Stellium is a configurable form of energy that is used in order to use waypoints!
RPG Lootable Chests
A very common request, we have built in RPG loot chests in MMOCore! Not only can you set up custom drops and currency from the chests, these chests offer other options such as particle effects and tiers! The higher the tier, the better the loots. Chests randomly spawn around players in predefined regions.
Custom Block Drops
Not only do we have custom block drop tables, but we introduced BLOCK REGEN for RPG worlds! With configurable drop tables, block restrictions, and block regen time, the possibilities are endless. This can be toggled by worlds, and only work with certain tools! Could even easily work for a prison server!
Like any good RPG plugin, we have integrated quests into the core. By default it will hook into the core, mmoitems, and mythicmobs to pull up kill, collect, and travel objectives (among many others)! Our system is new compared to many quests systems and does not offer as many options YET, but it is flawless and will be updated frequently! All of this hooks into the built in /quests menu.
Professions, Jobs
As a replacement for McMMO And Jobs, we offer a ton of new professions and skills to learn. Things such as mining, woodcutting, fishing, farming, and brewing now all has custom EXP bars and leveling perks! Totally customizable, and can be disabled as well!

Completely rewritten fishing
Are you tired of boring fishing? So were we, so we fixed it! Now you can create custom drops by region (different places can have different fishing drops), and utilize our new “tugs” system to change how long certain drops will take. Rare loot could now take players 30 seconds to pull out of the water successfully, or 30 minutes if you are truly evil. But be careful, sometimes fish have the chance to pull you in! (Tons of new fishing stats all configurable and custom enchants that go along with it). Also supports Holograms and HolographicDisplays in order to display in-game fishing indicators!

In-Depth Admin Command System
Don’t feel limited by this massive plugin. Admin commands are easy and extensive. Check the wiki for more information! Anything that can be done automatically, can also be done manually so you can hook into any plugin you want!
Experience Boosters
Want a nice EULA friendly perk for your server? We have built in EXP Boosters for not only main EXP, but profession as well. You can create any % exp boost for any duration you want. These even work when bound to custom MMOItems to give out to players as EXP booster tokens! These apply to the server or what you configure, to make everyone happy!

Combat Log System
A built in combat log system allows you to determine if a player is in combat or not, and have chat messages send as well. You can also setup out-of-combat specific resource regeneration (mana/health/stamina) which scales on the player's max health/mana/..

Party and Friends Built In
You can get rid of a ton of extra plugins using our built in party and friends menus! You can save as many friends as you want in a clean GUI, and track when they were last online, or see how long they have been online. This menu also shows their player/class stats! The party system will reward you for playing in a party with friends by using buffs such as experience and health regeneration!
All of the in-game GUIs are fully translatable as well as customizable (item names, lores, glass fillers, slots..). All player messages, skills and classes can be translated. Every class stat attribute and skill modifier based on player level may be modified as well.
And much much more...
Explore the plugin for yourself!


Support auto tab completion. Command list available on the wiki.

Latest updates

  1. 1.12

  2. N/A

  3. 1.9.1


Latest reviews

How can I download an older version of the plugin? (1.10.2) no matter how hard I try, only 1.12 is downloaded.
pls update version mmocore 1.12
throws a java error, mayb malware'd

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