Negativity V2 [1.8 to 1.19/Bungee/Velocity/Sponge/Fabric/Minestom!]

 Negativity V2 [1.8 to 1.19/Bungee/Velocity/Sponge/Fabric/Minestom!] 2.7.2-SNAPSHOT

Negativity V2 [1.8 to 1.19/Bungee/Velocity/Sponge/Fabric/Minestom!]
For more information, please see: Negativity SpigotMC Resource

You can download this without an account (no permission to download error) here!
This does not support Fabric servers! Download the Fabric version here!

Direct message me for support on Discord or BlackSpigot
Discord: MediumBerry5575#5133

Latest updates

  1. Negativity 2.7.2-SNAPSHOT

    Plugin Download Development Environment (55.6 MB) Plugin downloaded from here will not have...
  2. Negativity 2.7.1

    Please read the changelog on SpigotMC Haven't done this in a while.
  3. 1.19.4 support, Japanese translation, bug fix and false flags fixed

    Added 1.19.4 support ! Added Japanese translation Multiple -Redacted- fixed :) Fix : -...

Latest reviews

Im trying to install it on my fabric server and it requires another mod
oh, this does not support fabric servers!
and please dont leave a bad review before reading the plugin docs. you need another version.
this is a Spigot plugin, not Fabric
  • Anonymous
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2.6.1-SNAPSHOT
thanks! it works for my server!
also kinda funny the other guy don't know how to download
  • Anonymous
  • 1.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2.6.1-SNAPSHOT-7
it's free lol? there is only link to
note to self: screencap for the entire internet to see...
there are instructions anyways you're missing out on newer release and fixes

Also, that is where you download, I do this and release it for free, please don't say it like that "lol?" style
Automation will be down for 3 weeks and NO DOWNLOADS OF LATEST

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