☄️ Oraxen | Add items, blocks, armors, hats, food, furnitures, plants and GUI | [1.18-1.19.4]

 ☄️ Oraxen | Add items, blocks, armors, hats, food, furnitures, plants and GUI | [1.18-1.19.4] 1.17.0


  • Clipboard-WorldEdit support for furniture
    • This meant //copy/cut/paste -e works, it does not mean support for other commands

  • Move glyph-related settings into common Glyph section
  • Experimental spigot-chat-formatting setting moved to Chat.chat_handler
    • MODERN is aimed at Paper servers and chat-plugins using this
    • LEGACY is everything else
  • Add setting to change displayName of icons in /oraxen inventory (Happy-FMZ)

  • Pack sending multiple times after using reload commands
  • Ensure BlockBreakEvent & EntityDamagedByEntityEvent are properly cancelled if furniture-break is cancelled
  • Incorrect step-sound when walking on edge of a Custom Block (Happy-FMZ)
  • Break sound not playing when breaking Stone blocks
  • Nullpointer in Custom-Mechanic command-parsing
  • Remaining Base-Item models breaking when using as OraxenItem-material
  • Lava igniting OraxenBlocks when can_ignite is false
  • Language-prefix not respected in some log/debug messages
  • consumablepotioneffects mechanic not renamed to consumable_potion_effects
  • Recipe-showcase gui caching and showing wrong recipe
  • OraxenNoteBlockInteractEvent called twice & not for left-clicking blocks
  • Bad offset/rotation for Display-Entity type with LimitedPlacing#wall/roof/floor
  • Probability not accepting integers
  • Recipe-builder improperly registering result-amount
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Why does nobody leave credit when they reupload files

  • 1.20.3/4 support

  • Remove formatting-warning introduced in previous update
  • Make Oraxen-Inventory per-player

  • Glyph-placeholders in chat not working
  • ITEM_FRAME furniture rotation in some scenarios
  • REINFORCED_DEEPSLATE causing issues on 1.18.x servers
  • Tag.REPLACABLE causing issues on <1.20.x servers
  • Tag.ITEMS_TOOLS causing issues on <1.19.4 servers
  • Placing against a custom block not working for some replacable blocks
  • Tall StringBlock-mechanic blocks placable at worldheight
  • CustomBlocks not being placable at bottom of world
  • Sliced GUI overrides being included in Atlas
I forgot to update the plugin, sorry for the delay

Here is the changelog:
- Fix Gesture Shader breaking playerheads
- Add `radius_limitation` to LimitedPlacing mechanic
- Fix for displayname without formatting being italic
- Fix strippable OraxenBlocks always being stripped
- Make glyphs take a `char` to specify a specific unicode easier, over a `code`
* Old configs will automatically convert
* Setting `code` in new configs will automatically convert to `char` entry
- Remove PrintGlyph command due to the above change
- Make OraxenItems with TIPPED_ARROW material and `disable_vanilla_interaction` not fire
- Disable equipping OraxenItems with HorseArmor material and `disable_vanilla_interaction`
- Fix issues with SilkTouch drops
Hey there,

Here is a new update by Boy, I hope you like it.
This is the changelog:
- Fix StorageMechanic always opening Ender Chest
- Fix StorageMechanic being openable in protected areas (WorldGuard, Lands etc)
- Fix glyphs not showing in chat via placeholder
- Add `piglins_ignore_when_equipped` to MiscMechanic (Armor-slots, hand and offhand)
- Fix items dropping incorrectly when placed next to StringBlock block
- Fix issue with tall StringBlocks replacing blocks when placed
- Fix issue with Gestures on 1.19.4 servers
* Shader is still broken so playerheads will not function correctly

Have a great day,

1 commit past initial release

fix duplicate warning for global lang
make debug spit out stacktrace for bad parsing of title conversion
improve invalid glyph detection
fix protocollib (from official author)
Fixes issue from previous release where non-default entries in Oraxen Inventory, which did not specify a title, would cause an error
Hey there,

Here is a new update by Boy, I hope you like it.
This is the changelog:

- Add 'compostable' to Misc Mechanic
- Fix placing OraxenBlocks and Furniture against stairs, fences and some other block types
- Fix MmoItems not being usable in drops and FoodMechanic replacementItem
* Needs two properties, `mmoitems_id` and `mmoitems_type`
- Fix some mechanics triggering when interacting with chests and other blocks
* LifeLeech, Backpack, Thor, WitherSkull, Fireball and EnergyBlast-Mechanics
- Fix block and furniture drop locations
- Changes to oraxen_inventory settings
* Titles now are full text rather than only supporting glyphs
* Title is now able to be specified for individual sub-categories aswell as main_menu
- Change how hide_scoreboard_shaders is loaded
* If updating from an older version, delete `rendertype_text` files in Oraxen/pack/shaders/core
- Fix issue with old seat-furniture

For Developers:
- Updated some API Methods and added more parameters to all Furniture and Block events

Have a great day,
Hey there,

Here is a new update by Boy, I hope you like it.
This is the changelog:

- Add OraxenPackUploadEvent
- Prevent cauldrons from washing custom armor
- Move settings for automatically updating items
- Fix ItemUpdater overriding renamed items
* Old OraxenItems that were renamed will be reset once after updating
* If renamed again they will not be reset
- Fix durability being reset on updating item
- Fix DurabilityMechanic durability being reset when updating item
- Add setting to always override renamed items when updating
- Update pt-BR language file

Have a great day,
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