PremiumVanish - Stay hidden [+Bungee support]

 PremiumVanish - Stay hidden [+Bungee support] 2.5.12

Please read the whole description before purchasing the plugin. By purchasing this plugin you agree to the Terms of Service at the bottom of the description below.
Important - install the latest ProtocolLib release as described in ProtocolLib's resource description!

With PremiumVanish you can be fully invisible and undetectable for other players while being more efficient at your administrative work

PremiumVanish is not just a regular vanish plugin.
It makes you undetectable and provides tools which help with catching rule-breakers. It's designed to be complete, secure and reliable.

It doesn't use the standard way of hiding players - it uses packet interception with ProtocolLib(which is a dependency) to prevent any information about vanished players from being sent to other players.
This is much more secure and complete than the conventional method since it acts like a firewall between the server and other players which actually checks every packet of information sent to other players and doesn't fully rely on Bukkit's hidePlayer() mechanism, which is incomplete and not fully optimized for vanish plugins (conventional method doesn't intercept ping update packets, doesn't intercept all tab-completions, etc).

To complete the illusion of you not being online, PremiumVanish can modify the outcome of other plugins' commands, provides support for Bungeecord, adds custom placeholders to lots of plugins and includes direct support for most popular plugins.

There are lots of features and tools to make catching griefers and hackers as easy and quick as possible(details below). With this plugin, you can check what 20 players are doing in less than one minute!

Most significant features:
  • Fully hides players on packet level which is much more secure and cant be broken by other plugins (Hidden in the game, tablist, playercounts, serverlist, etc; It's exactly like you are not online)
  • You can specify which player can see which player more precisely using layered permissions, e.g. nobody but the owner can see admins but admins can still see mods and mods can see each other; you can change your vanish level at any time with a command
  • You can toggle spectator mode to glide through walls or teleport to players by simply pressing shift twice
  • There is a customizable scoreboard that shows information about a target (nearest or specific player) which is highlighted using a glow effect in-game which only you can see
  • Full Bungeecord support which hides invisible players in /glist, /server and /find
  • PremiumVanish can be configured to modify the outcome of other plugins' commands to support its functionality (primarily to fake "Player not found" messages)
  • You can limit what vanished players can do based on permissions
  • You can optionally configure PV to hide players only in the tablist or only in the game
  • There is a HUGE config file which can customize anything (seriously, check it out)
  • Support for lots of plugins by implementing the APIs of popular vanish plugins, providing full placeholder support and hooking into most popular plugins



(you can get more details by doing /pv help in-game)
You can change /pv to something else in the config file if there are conflicts with other plugins

There is also a bungeecord command called /networkvanish which toggles whether you always join the bungeecord vanished (Requires PV to be installed on bungeecord).

(you can get more details by doing /pv help in-game)
Miscellaneous permissions:

Note: the permission pv.see doesn't only work on bukkit servers but also on bungeecord, on bungeecord it allows seeing hidden players in bungeecord's commands

You can also use pv.use.levelX and pv.see.levelX if enabled in the config, higher levels override lower ones so you can specify which player can see which player more precisely. Details:

There is also the permission pv.networkvanish for the bungeecord command /networkvanish (Requires PV to be installed on bungeecord).
Other permissions can be found in the config file.

The configuration is split into messages.yml for messages and config.yml for settings. On bungeecord premiumvanish's config file is called configuration.yml.

1. Install PremiumVanish
Compatibility Notes:
  • A server running Spigot 1.8.8/1.9.X/1.10.X/1.11.X/1.12.X/1.13.X/1.14.X/1.15.X is a requirement
  • A version of ProtocolLib which supports your current server version is required
  • Java 8 or higher is required
  • The AutoVanishOnJoin feature doesn't work if you use GroupManager for permissions
  • PremiumVanish is meant to be a replacement for SuperVanish so you cannot have both installed on the same server
Installing PremiumVanish is really simple.
  1. Install a version of ProtocolLib which supports your current server version (see here)
  2. Drag & drop PremiumVanish.jar into your plugins folder
  3. Load PremiumVanish (Restart server or use a plugin manager)
  4. Adjust the config files
  5. Adjust your permissions (Use /pv help for a list of permissions)
  6. Reload it (/pv reload)
  7. Optional: Enable bungeecord/database support (see below)
2. Setup Database support
Enabling database support requires a MySQL-Database. (Other SQL-based databases can work as well if you specify a direct URI, however only MySQL is officially supported and guaranteed to work)
This is also possible without using Bungeecord, simply skip the Bungeecord steps if you don't use it.
Note: If you use BungeeCord this is only possible if ip-forwarding is turned on and 'bungeecord' is set to true in spigot.yml.
  1. Install PremiumVanish on the actual bukkit servers (see above)
  2. Adjust the bungeecord settings in PremiumVanish's config.yml file (don't forget to set Enable to true; don't reload it yet)
  3. Drag & drop PremiumVanish.jar into the plugins folder of your bungeecord (Yes, it's the same .jar)
  4. Stop and start your bungeecord server
  5. Adjust the settings of PremiumVanish's configuration.yml file on your bungeecord server
  6. Check all the settings, make sure they're correct
  7. Stop your bungeecord server
  8. Reload PremiumVanish on your bukkit servers
  9. Start your bungeecord server
If you manage to do it correctly everything is gonna work, if not you will be spammed with warnings.
If it's not working, please read what the warnings say and try to fix the problems yourself. Common issues are firewalled databases/servers, ip-forwarding not being enabled on both your bukkit servers and on the bungeecord or not using the same database for everything PV-related. If you can't seem to fix it, please send me a pm containing all the PV-related errors/warnings in your consoles / log files, the output of /pv printstacktrace and a screenshot of premiumvanish's database table in e.g. a phpmyadmin interface (if it exists).
3. Report an issue
Did something not work? First of all check this:
  1. Look at the error, some errors tell you how to fix them
  2. Make sure that you're using the latest version of PremiumVanish
  3. Please make sure that your version of ProtocolLib supports your server version (instructions are on ProtocolLib's resource page)
  4. Restart your server and see if that fixes the issue
  5. Make sure that your config is up-to-date (/pv rccfg)
Still not working?
If you manage to find an issue, please send me a private message with the following details:
  1. If the issue is an error, please use to include the full error in your private message (If you are using Multicraft please copy and paste the error out of your server log file in case the error is incomplete)
  2. If the issue is not an error, please use /pv stacktrace and include the console output in your private message using
  3. Make sure you didn't miss step 1 or 2
  4. Please include an exact and really detailed explanation of what happened and what you expected to happen
  5. Does it work if you remove all plugins except ProtocolLib and PremiumVanish? If so, please remove the other plugins one by one on a test server to see which one causes the problem and provide its name and version. (I know that's a lot of work but it would be even more work for me and I have to provide support for other people too)
  6. Send me a pm with a reasonable title

Checking if a player is vanished on Bukkit (no dependencies required)

Basic Bukkit API for PremiumVanish and SuperVanish
SuperVanish and PremiumVanish share the exact same API so you can support both of them with the exact same code.
(Source) (Download)

Full Bukkit and Bungeecord API for PremiumVanish
There are also a few additional classes and methods which are PremiumVanish-only, if you are looking to use those or you'd like to interact with PremiumVanish Bungeecord-sided, you can also find PremiumVanish's full API here:
(Source) (Download)

By purchasing PremiumVanish you agree to the following Terms of Service:
  1. You must not file a chargeback or paypal dispute
  2. You must only use PremiumVanish on one minecraft server or network and you have to own that server/network
  3. You must not give PremiumVanish to anyone else
  4. You must not decompile or modify PremiumVanish
  5. You must not -Redacted- PremiumVanish or any of its contents
  6. I may revoke your access to PremiumVanish if you violate any of the terms above
  7. I am not obliged to provide support for PremiumVanish however that is not to say I won't, I'll do my best
  8. You must have read the entire description of PremiumVanish on this page before purchasing
  9. I reserve the right to change these terms at any time and you agree to abide by the most recent version of the terms
Legal notice:
PremiumVanish contains the following libraries:
  • HikariCP - Copyright (C) 2013, 2014 Brett Wooldridge (released under the Apache License Version 2.0 which you can obtain here)
  • SLF4J - Copyright (c) 2004-2017 (released under the MIT license which you can obtain here)
Phew... 40000 characters... thanks for reading!
If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the discussion area.
If you want to suggest a feature, please do so in the discussion area.
If you want to report an issue, please private message me (see how-to).
Please only use reviews for a real review about the plugin (e.g. did the author help you with issues, did the plugin fulfill your expectations, do you recommend it, ...), reviews are not the place to ask for help or report bugs!
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