RealisticVillagers 3.1.1

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Native Minecraft Version:
Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.18 / 1.19
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While the Village & Pillage update brought some innovations to the villagers, over time it tends to become boring. Inspired by the great mod, MCA, it's time to give a new perspective to the villagers, for spigot servers.

Villagers are disguised as players, but they still have the same mechanics as before (with new ones implemented by this plugin). For the server, they are normal villagers.

Take a look at the images below.
By interacting with the villagers your reputation will increase. When you reach X reputation, you can give them a wedding ring to get married. Once married, you can procreate, establish the home where the villager will live and even manage their combat targets. Giving gifts is the best way to raise reputation. If you want to divorce a villager, you can do so within the main GUI, but this will reduce a large amount of reputation. To avoid this, you can ask the cleric villager for divorce papers. You can give as a gift a weapon (sword/axe/bow/crossbow) and they'll use it to defend themselves when necessary; the same with armor. This makes raids more entertaining.

It's possible to disable all interactions, if all you want are the mechanics.

  • Open source.
  • Fully customizable.
  • HEX colors support (&#RRGGBB).
  • 2595 skins generated (90 for male, 83 for female, including different professions).
  • Interact with villagers (chat/greet/story/joke/insult/flirt/be proud of).
  • Giving a piece of armor or weapon to a villager will equip it (if it's better than the current one, it'll be replaced).
  • Ask villagers to follow you or stay in their current position.
  • Marry villagers when you reach X amount of reputation.
  • Create your own wedding ring recipe.
  • Manage the attack targets of the villagers.
  • When a raid occurs, villagers with weapons will surround the village in search of raiders.
  • Villagers attack players wearing a monster head.
  • Divorce:
    • After getting divorced, the villager will throw away the wedding ring.
    • Divorce papers will reduce less amount of reputation with the villager (you can get them from the cleric villager).
  • Villagers with weapons attack the player who sounds the goat horn "seek" (same sound as in raids).
  • Villagers with weapons defend family members.
  • Villagers with weapons defend the hero of the village.
  • Villagers fix nearby cracked iron golems with iron ingots.
  • When healing zombie villagers, the previous information will be restored.
  • Like zombies, villagers will wear a pumpkin / carved pumpkin on Halloween.
  • If the reputation with a villager is less than X, the villager will be divorced.
  • Customizable inventory size (maximum 4 rows / 36 slots).
  • Disable old annoying villager sounds and replace them with player sounds.
  • Different amount of cooldown per type of interaction.
  • Customizable villager message chat format (can include profession title).
  • Define custom model data for the wedding ring and baby items (for texture packs).
  • Defines customizable categories of gifts and the amount of reputation it'll give to the player.
  • Choose weapon, armor and amount of arrows the villager will have when spawning.
  • Modify attributes of villagers such as maximum health, attack damage, bow power, etc.
  • Choose the bed in which the villager will sleep.
  • Farmer villagers don't trample their own crops.
  • Villagers flee / attack creepers that are about to explode.
  • Villagers will step back if necessary when using a bow or crossbow.
  • If a player hits a villager (accidentally or not) during a raid, the villager will not counter attack (configurable).
  • Villagers can use crossbows with multishot enchantment.
  • Villagers will use the shield randomly if they have it equipped and are under attack.
  • Swing the main hand when using composter, breaking crop or ringing a bell.
  • Option to drop the entire inventory upon death (not recommended to avoid players recovering their items after giving them to the villager to increase reputation and abuse trade discounts).
  • Villagers' arrows can pass through other villagers to prevent them from killing each other by accident.
  • View villager information such as reputation, type of villager (biome), profession, etc.
  • Hunger system.
  • Villager eats to regain health.
  • Villager fisherman can fish.
  • Define worlds to disable the plugin behavior.
  • Disable nametags for villagers.
  • Profession condition for gifts.
  • Define wanted items by villagers.
  • Tame wolfs and cats.
  • Inspect and modify villager inventory.
  • Villager eat cakes.
  • Villagers will drink a milk bucket if they have any harmful effects.







  • /realisticvillagers reload
    • permission: realisticvillagers.reload
    • description: reload configuration files.
  • Some options will take effect after the entities are unloaded and loaded back to the world.
  • It's highly recommended to restart the server for the changes to take effect.
  • Don't use /reload, this can have consequences with villagers. As mentioned above, just restart the server; it'll only take a few seconds.
  • If you want to create your own skins, you can do it using, however, this could take quite some time, that's why this plugin comes with a considerable amount of skins already generated.
  • This plugin completely replaces all villagers.

Latest updates

  1. 3.1.1

  2. 3.1

  3. 3.0.16


Latest reviews

Doesnt enable because it isnt up to date
This plugin doesnot work on 1.18.2 server, but in plugins it displays green and there is no errors in server cmd. What i do wrong?
Please update the plugin, thanks
Works great. Really good plugin if you've ever liked Minecraft Comes Alive. Supports Shopkeepers.

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